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Studley Park



Alteration / Addition by

Robert Simeoni Architects

One of the last homes designed by the acclaimed Australian Modernist Architect Guilford Bell, has been carefully restored and expanded bringing the design into the 21st century.


Robert Simeoni Architects stylishly integrated a luxury first floor master bedroom retreat into the existing structure. The exterior of the new level comprises a palette of full height curtain glazing, Rheinzinc cladding and recycled bricks, which blend perfectly together with the existing building.


Precise structural detailing was necessary at every junction, as combinations of building elements connected and dovetailed together. We closely matched and sourced the secondhand bricks as used in the original house, one of Bell’s signature building materials.


A key project challenge was presented by the new steel structure which cantilevered high over the steeply falling site. A full size swimming pool was built at 4 meters high over the sloping site, making excellent use of once wasted space.

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