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We are Melbourne-based and are proud to collaborate with some of Victoria's and Australia's best, award-winning architects, designers and high profile clients over the past 25 years:

We specialise in high-end residential architectural construction, having

gained a reputation for providing the highest standards of excellence and quality in Melbourne’s exclusive residential sector.

Our Approach


Communication and integrity are at the core of our business relationships.


The depth of our combined knowledge and experience enables creative problem solving skills and finding solutions to unforeseen challenges.


Our highly skilled and passionate craftsmen are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of quality on every project - on time and on budget.


We undertake only a small number of projects under at any one time, ensuring effective and efficient site management and quality control. 


We continue to have long lasting relationships with past clients, In many cases we maintain these properties over the long term.

Gordon Vass

Founder/Managing Director

"It's all about the detail. It's about precision and paying attention to the minutiae of a design as well as understanding and keeping in mind the bigger picture of what the architect is trying to achieve with a project. Relationships are critical - between the builder, the architect and their client. The best results are always achieved when the approach is one of a true partnership between all parties, with the whole being greater than the some of its parts."

                                                                                           Gordon Vass

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