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Kew Zen House


New Build by

Allan Powell Architects

Designed by renowned architect Allan Powell, this light-filled north facing house received the Royal Australian Institute of Architects' 'New Residential' State award.


Set amongst period homes on large blocks in Kew, we built a new single level house on a relatively narrow block. 


The house is concealed behind a 5 metre high, free standing, cement rendered wall. The sweeping curved walls reveal the house gradually, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue as well as layers of privacy, with the boundary between inner and outer spaces appearing ambiguous. 

Once inside, we discover a series of unconventional spaces in an unconventional layout. Each zone has a beautiful outlook onto very private and peaceful garden courtyards. 


The narrowness and orientation of the block made achieving access to the northern light a challenge, but the result is a home which is flooded with northern light all year round.

Like many of Allan Powell's designs, the focus is on privacy and blank walls; combining nature and architecture.

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